Pedro Ximenez 1902 15% - Montilla

It pairs with: Cheesecake In various flavours, goes great with Pedro Ximénez Sherry. Given the sweetness of the wine, a cheesecake with slightly bitter flavours such as a lemon cheesecake, or a dark chocolate cheesecake with a high cocoa content – think 70% intensity or higher to really create an intense counterpoint between food and wine. Christmas pudding and other Christmas desserts. At Christmas time, Pedro Ximénez Sherry is a lifesaver to have on hand when it comes to dessert, as it will pair with virtually anything you might have whipped up! A Christmas pudding is usually a superb match, as its flavours are really quite similar to the wine itself. Dark chocolate generally matches well with sweet Sherry, its bitterness standing up to the luscious wine to create a beautiful meeting of flavours in the mouth. Dried fruits, presented for example in a dried fruit compote or dried fruit tart, will complement the similar flavours in the Pedro Ximénez Sherry. Pungent blue cheeses are your friend here. Serve a Pedro Ximenéz Sherry instead of a Sauternes next time and see which you prefer. Vanilla ice cream and Pedro Ximénez Sherry, specifically the latter poured over the former, is a match made in heaven. Seriously, just try it!

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Mahogany colour with intense and particular aromas to raisins. Pleasant in palate with exquisite fruit touches. The perfect match with a wide range of desserts. Unique and genuine sweet wine obtained from Pedro Ximénez grapes made raisins. After an oxidative aging during 5 years in our subterranean Cellars, we obtain the genuine “honey grapes” of mahogany colour and intense aromas. Exquisite taste with a touch of black fruits. Perfect with pastries or blue cheese as well as for traditional recipes.

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